Expo Plenary

The Voices of Maine Working People!

The Plenary session is from 12 noon to 1:15 pm in the Expo Main Hall

Free and open to the public

Please join us as people working in forestry, wildlife, fisheries, and farming talk about the effects of climate change they see in their sector, and what practices they are recommending to adapt to those changes.


Don Hudson, Educator and Conservationist

Don was director for 20 years at Chewonki Foundation in Wiscasset.  Under Don’s leadership, Chewonki modeled renewable energy use, including solar hot water, photovoltaic, geothermal heating, wind power, sustainable forestry and sustainable agriculture.  Don currently serves on many land conservation boards


Si Balch, Forester

Si is the former Forest Director of New England Forestry Foundation.  He has worked over thirty years as a Chief Forester and Silviculturalist with the forest industry in New England.  Si currently work with the Manomet Center for Conservation Science to develop their Climate Smart Landowner Network.  He is, himself, a forest land owner.

Sally Stockwell, Wildlife biologist

Sally is a wildlife ecologist with 30 years of experience in conservation of nongame, rare, and endangered species in freshwater wetlands, coastal beaches and marshes, and forests.  Her current work focuses on promoting community conservation, engaging the public in citizen science, and advocating for public policies that enhance protection of wildlife and wildlife habitat across Maine.

Nancy Chandler, Farmer

Nancy has worked 18 years as a commercial flower and vegetable grower.  She served as Solid Waste Director for the Town of Phippsburg for 3 years.  Nancy is currently on the Board of Time and Tide Resource Conservation and Development Area.  

Darcie Couture, Green crab researcher

Darcie is a recent employee of Maine’s Department of Marine Resources. She now runs her own laboratory and research program, Resource Access International, and has completed a study on clam flat productivity for the town of Freeport. Her lab tests for red tide, and her research is on green crab populations, their ecology, and their effects on the clam populations.