Maine’s 2020 Vision

How Maine Should Be in 2020

Maine communities are demonstrating their strength and resilience through sustainability in energy, transportation, education, food, business, natural resources, emerging technologies, health and public policy. We are making substantive progress on clearly defined measures of success such as the 2002 Maine statutory greenhouse-gas reductions.

We have positioned the state to be able to make the changes necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing climate. We are already benefitting from the implementation of actions that are being taken to address Maine’s climate challenges.

Energy efficiency is improving our quality of life. We have begun the transition to a sustainable clean energy society with a carbon free economy.


A shift toward localization in employment, health care, education, recreation, and cultural events shows promise for reducing transportation needs. Increasing utilization of zero-emission vehicles, alternative modes of transport and public transportation are demonstrating that we can achieve the connectivity we need while reducing emissions.

Our citizens of all ages have access to the education necessary to solve important problems in their changing world.

There is an abundance of food grown in our communities. We have revitalized area farms and reconnected our rural and urban economies. The success of a new generation of young farmers is making a substantial contribution to local food security.

There are vibrant local economies producing essential goods and services. There is evidence of increased entrepreneurial success. We are discriminating in our use of technology and we apply it with our sustainability values in mind.

We are beginning to enjoy the benefits of our efforts to assure the sustainability of our natural resources and the ecosystem services they provide.

We have established effective strategies to address our emerging public health challenges.

Climate destabilization as an issue has grown to be connected to all aspects of our economy and our natural resource-based life in Maine. The results of our actions on initiatives are a major focus of public discourse. Every elected official and voter in Maine has dependable information and support to develop policy that wisely addresses our climate future.